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    Sometimes, simply changing the position or location of your device can improve signal strength and, consequently, internet speed.

    Our internet service operates across all carriers nationwide, automatically choosing the optimal carrier available in your area.

    Wirelessbuzz service required a credit or debit card must be on file for your subscription. You may visit your customer portal anytime to change or edit your payment details on file.

    All modem's are the property of Wirelessbuzz. When you order with Wirelessbuzz, you may or may not receive a brand new modem. All modem's are quality tested and verified before leaving our warehouse.

    Your 7-Day Money Back Guarantee begins on the date that your tracking number states your modem was delivered to your address. Once your modem is delivered, your 7-Day Money Back Guarantee begins from that time.

    Non-refundable charges include your Service Activation Fee, Account Set up Fee, and shipping.

    Yes, if you are ready to cancel your subscription with Wirelessbuzz, you are responsible for all shipping costs. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

    In order for us to cancel your account with us, you need to fill out our online form here. Please have the following information handy while filling out your online request.

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